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Electrochlor Chemical Industries Ltd. was established in 1952, and was the first manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite in the country. The first factory in Israel was built by the Company in the industrial area of Gav Yam in ​​Haifa Bay, with a production capacity of 60 tons of sodium hypochlorite a month. This amount constituted the entire consumption of the State of Israel in those days. In the 1970s, the company was purchased from its founders by Mr. Zeev Dror, who is chairman of the company to the present day.


As the years passed and the plant was aging, and with the construction of additional plants on the one hand and the increase in domestic consumption on the other hand, the company closed the obsolete production plant, and continued only its marketing activities. Today, the company is marketing liquid and powder chemicals for various industries and its customers constitute a diverse clientele, such as industry leaders in detergent, drinking water treatment and effluent industries, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, dairies, hi-tech, textile, metal coating, and more.


The Company imports some of its products from abroad and serves as an authorized agent of most of the major manufacturers in Israel. The Company has offices and large logistic warehouses in Haifa Bay and a fleet of trucks and tankers to distribute the products to its customers all over the country. The Company meets high standards of quality and service and has permits for holding, storage, and transport of various types of hazardous materials and chemicals. The company has also quality standards approval to supply sodium hypo chloride for drinking water and is a major supplier of this product to Mekorot, Israel National Water Co. in the north.


List of uses:

  • Drinking water treatment

  • Wastewater treatment

  • The detergent industry

  • Food industry

  • High-tech and electronics

  • Agriculture

  • Swimming pool treatment

  • Chemical industries

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Metal and metal coating

  • Building materials

  • Different Industries

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